Welcome…or Welcome Back!

Welcome…or Welcome Back!


Herman Melville once described writers as “…that whole corps of thought-divers, that have been diving and coming up again with bloodshot eyes since the world began.” If you’re a writer, or any creative person for that matter, you’ll understand what he meant completely. Sometimes creating comes easily, and sometimes it eludes us, and we have to dive into the ocean of our imagination to find our next idea…

Thoughtdivers was created to give aspiring writers a place to share stories, poems, and other writing pieces. I created the site a few years ago, and then, as often happens, life got in the way and I sort of lost control of it. I was inundated with 1000s of spammers a day. So…I’m trying a sort of revival, starting over from scratch. I was unable to retrieve much of what was on the original site, so if you’re one of the authors on the site previously and you’ve come back to take a peek, please forgive me! And if you’d like to come back and join again, shoot me an email. Instructions are on the About/How to Join page under the site logo above.

Below is the story I wrote in 2001 that inspired this site (which will also explain why there’s a rate at the top of the site;)

February 3, 2001

“…that whole corps of thought-divers, that have been diving and
coming up again with bloodshot eyes since the world began.”

That’s how Herman Melville described writers. When I read that, it instantly struck a “truth” chord somewhere inside me, and I understood it perfectly.

There’s a book inside me, probably more than one, waiting to get out, and every so often, I dive into my imagination and come back to the surface with a few more bits and pieces salvaged from the wreckage that passes itself off as my brain, that weird scrapyard between my ears that contains probably every meaningless bit of information that’s ever passed through it. I’ve spent my whole life trying to make sense of it, take inventory of all that’s there.

cute-rat-pic-ratatouille-443978_315_400Unfortunately, more stuff comes into the scrapyard every day than is coming out. Every day, more and more pieces of cool junk are being tossed in there, as well as a lot of garbage. Granted, most of the flak gets tossed in some forlorn recess in the back of the yard. Eventually, maybe it’s forgotten, relegated to some dusty corner never to be seen again. But every so often, some lowly junkyard rat goes back there and drags a piece out and I sit straight up in bed wondering why I suddenly remember that Mary MacGregor sang “Torn Between Two Lovers” and why the Rat needed to wake me at 3AM for this bit of useless information.

Then too I think the Rats have a conspiracy going. It seems sometimes they take some of the good scraps and tuck them away in that forsaken corner, where they lay silent and forgotten, waiting for me to take that long overdue inventory. But I’m onto the conspiracy, and I’m one step ahead of the friggin’ Rats! I am smarter than the Rats!


Sounds like a plan, right? Sure. Something pops into my head, and I think, “Wow, that’d make a great story” or “Hmmm, what a cool character” and I write it down, knowing that if I don’t, those fuckin’ Rats are gonna bury it in that back corner, where you’d probably find Jimmy Hoffa, Elvis and Jim Morrison having a nice cappuccino with Jesus Christ.

So I’m a step ahead of the Rats…kinda. Although while writing things down is a step in the right direction, WHERE I write it down is as bad as the Rat’s corner. Napkins, matchbook covers, page 357 of some book I was reading when the thought popped into my head, page corners torn from a doctor’s office magazine, toilet paper (don’t ask).

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So I’m thinking the Rats have expanded their conspiracy territory. They’re no longer limited to the confines of the thought-diver’s realm. When I was 23, I wrote a story called Paradox Manor. POOF! Vanished! Since then, two or three days tops have passed without me wracking my brain as to its location.

Back then, I had less confidence in myself than I do now (which really isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot), but now I know – that fucking story was SELLABLE. When I wrote it, I did it in one fucking sitting and the words just poured out, flowing out of that junkyard like a dream…perfect. I hope Hoffa, Elvis, the Lizard King, and the Messiah are enjoying it over a cup of latte.

So I keep on diving, hoping that someday I’ll come across the remains of that story completely intact, either in the real world lying in a notebook or a heap of papers, or that somehow I’ll find the wreckage sitting there like a sunken pirate ship full of treasure chests spilling over with all the words that came pouring out the first time I wrote it. More than likely, though, the stinkin’ Rats will pull a Geraldo on me and, like the opening of Capone’s Vault, I’ll come out with nothing but a few dusty old bottles. In the meantime, I’ve managed to salvage a few good things here and there along the way, so it’s not a total loss;)

Author’s Note: For the record, I did end up rewriting that story, and you can buy it on Amazon right now for 99 cents🙂 I’m currently in the process of another rewrite to add more depth and make it into a longer story.

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  1. Let me say… I am so excited you dusted off this blog and bringing it back! And your book Paradox Manor was incredible. I see great things happening for you and here. 🙂

    You are much smarter than the rats! 😉

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